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Tsutomu (Tom) Nakajima


A bilingual and bicultural business leader who has assumed management positions in several global companies in Japan to lead and run businesses successfully, including Dr Pepper, 7-Up, Warner Bros./Time Warner Entertainment, Cott/Virgin Cola, Ben & Jerry's, Newell Rubbermaid, McCain Foods. Appointed executive coach by AMA. Educated both in Japan and USA; BA in Economics from Rikkyo University, ELC at Michigan State University and MBA from Central Michigan University. Member of America Japan Society, ACCJ, and CCCJ. Founder and owner of Interlink Ltd. Presently he joined forces with Amnon Agassy to promote businesses with unique concepts in Japan.







中島 力 (トム)



Dr Pepper, 7-Up, Warner Bros./Time Warner Entertainment, Cott/Virgin Cola, Ben&Jerry’s, Newell Rubbermaid, McCain Foodsの日本代表を歴任。現在はAMAのエグゼクティブコーチとしてグローバル企業のエグゼクティブコーチングを行うと共に革新的な技術、製品、サービスを国内外にて発掘し企業提携及びM&Aをアムノン・アガシーと取り組む。


学歴: 立教大学経済学部経済学科卒、ミシガン州立大学ELC終了、セントラルミシガン大学院MBA取得メンバーシップ: (社)日米協会、ACCJ, CCCJ

Who We Are

Amnon Agassy


Amnon Agassy has spent the last 25 years of his professional life living and working in Japan. He is native in Japanese, and has extensive experience in cross culture communication and business. Arriving in Japan first in 1989, Amnon at once began building what was to become the largest manufacturer of frozen wholesale bakery products, distributed throughout Japan. With a partner, he built his company Adama Breads to a firm employing in excess of 300 workers spread over 4 different manufacturing sites before finally selling the company to another firm with experience in the food space. During his time as CEO, Amnon oversaw annual sales growth in excess of 25% per annum, and was responsible for extensive importing of goods and machinery into Japan. He maintains broad contacts throughout the Japanese business community, including having high-level relationships with some of the largest Japanese trading companies.Presently he joined forces with Tom Nakajima to promote businesses with unique concepts in Japan.












"...Amnon is focused, committed, utterly honest, and a great businessman. I could not recommend him highly enough for anyone looking to do business in Japan...." 

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