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Standard Business Model

Market research on new product development, market trend/status quo, Ad/awareness/brand image, usage and attitude, customer satisfaction, etc.





  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies.
  • Preparation of sales tools, labels, POP, promotion videos and other marketing materials in Japanese.

  • マーケティング戦略の立案と実施


  • 販促品の企画と制作

Assistance to develop branded consumer goods, etc.



Identification and acquisition of new customers and co-packers.





New Customer Aquisition

Corporate Interaction

Market Research & Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Representation of your company in Japan.




Day-to-day interaction with corporate headquarters, customers, suppliers, and advertising agencies.






"...Without any hesitation, I strongly endorse Mr. Nakajima as being an exceptional businessman with great connections and knowledge of how to start and successfully manage a business in Japan..." 

Practice Areas

The above term is are formed as an annual agreement, that can be renewed upon satisfaction from our services.

(Available in variation to customize clients individual needs)

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