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To whom it may concern,
I have known Amnon as both a close friend and a business partner for over 20 years. He and I started Adama Breads together in 1990, and during the 18 years we owned and ran the company, he was the primary executive, eventually leading the company with over 300 employees and 4 different facilities. He is focused, committed, utterly honest, and a great businessman. I could not recommend him highly enough for anyone looking to do business in Japan. I have been in business for almost 30 years, and have rarely come across anyone with his combination of qualities.
Larry SmithSixpoint partners New-York
アムノン・アガシー氏とは20年来の友人であると共にビジネスパートナーです。 彼とは1990年にアダマ・ブレッドの事業を始め18年間をオーナー兼エグゼクティブとして会社を運営。
最終的には従業員260名と4工場を持つに到りました。 彼は事業に対する集中力、コミットメント、誠実さを持ち合わせた偉大なビジネスマンです。日本でのビジネスパートナーとして彼以上の方は私には思いつきません。 
To whom it may concern:
I have known and worked with Mr. T. Nakajima for almost 30 years. He is an excellent person and businessman. His integrity is far beyond the norm and his business skills are exceptional. Tom performs excellently in all roles but even exceeds that performance in initiating business opportunities in his home market. He has successfully helped make many new business opportunities in his "Home Country" while still having a great knowledge of all business matters and opportunities around the world. Without any hesitation, I strongly endorse Mr. Nakajima as being an exceptional businessman with great connections and knowledge of how to start and successfully manage a business in Japan.
Stanley A. Mace
彼は公私共、素晴らしい人格者であり、 律儀であると同時にビジネスのスキルが卓越してます。 
スタンリー A. メイス
I have been grateful to meet both Tom Nakajima and Amnon Agassy for a last one year and made a very strong bond each other.I happened to know both of them as US company representatives when I was interested in US technologies and sent a mail to inquire. They gave us valuable advises and led us to establish a new company. I sincerely wish to build a long term business relationships as our most important partner.
Media Bridge Co.Ltd. CEO Shigeki Tsuji
メディアブリッジ株式会社 代表取締役 辻 茂樹




It would be over 40 years since I have known Tom Nakajima as we first met in high school.He became my archrival ever since I lost to his shoulder throw in an intramural judo match.Although we pursued different careers in the real world, we still seek each other's advice when needed.Unlike myself, he is of international caliber as his jokes are very gentlemanlike.Throughout my life, I have been searching for something that I could beat him in.
Kaneman Co., Ltd.CEOSeiko Kaneko


I have known Tom Nakajima for over 30 years and he and his partner Amnon Agassy have been working under Interlink to bridge businesses between emerging Israeli companies and Japanese companies. Their business expansion is highly expected and I enjoy working with them with their positive mind-set.
S.Y. Chen. CEOCreative Intelligence Associates Inc.
S.Y. Chen. Creative Intelligence Associates Inc.


Endorsements and comments from partners 

Tom was introduced to me when I was looking for a coach to accompany me through a rough time in the company. Tom had grasped the situation very quickly and adjusted his coaching perfectly towards this. He gave me great inputs and opened my eyes to new ideas that in the end led to a successful transition. I owe Tom and his thoughtful coaching a lot - thanks
Tom Peter Grosshans Director at Robert Bosch GmbH
企業の大変な時期にコーチを探しており、中島氏と巡り会いました。 彼は状況を瞬時に把握し問題解決に向けコーチングを完璧に実施されました。彼の奥深いコーチングにより、新しいアイディアに気付く事ができ変遷することができ感謝しております。



Tom intercultural background and experiences in many different industries makes him a good sparing partner to deepen japanese intercultural challenges and discuss business topics
Sebastien DelariveCountry Manager Finland, & Nordics Baltics Diabetes Division Head
To whom it may concern
The Interlink team is a dedicated, responsible team that can lead any sell/project. They can be relied upon with the better execution of any mission. It is always a pleasure to work with them.
Both Amnon and Tom shows lots of involvement and knowledge in the Japanese territory and shows professionalism on all their work.
Interlink is one of the only partners / agents that communicate throughout the entire opportunity lifecycle the status and making sure to follow up on their action items!
Personally, it’s always a pleasure to witness the great relationships between Interlink and their customers. The Interlink team is known for its high credibility and responsibility. Highly motivated, dedicated, and takes responsibility on their assignments. Interlink demonstrated innovativeness and creativeness during the entire relationship (projects/opportunities).
The Interlink team is very easy to work with, helpful, cooperative and very responsive. Real team players. StickNFind is looking forward to continue working with Interlink and develop the Japanese market.
Lior Gan-ElChief Operations Officer  StickNFind LLC.
りオール ガン・エル
StickNFind LLC


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